Our Chantilly lace is soft, delicate, and smooth in texture so it won't show through most clothing and still maintains the the beauty, detail and intricacy of wearing premium lace.

Available in various colours with optional foam or organic cotton lining.

All our bras are custom and made to order to fit your body exactly. Measurements and special requested can be fulfilled online or through a private 1-1 fitting

Colour: Ivory
Ribcage: Hold measuring tape snug against the skin just below the bust and breathe regularly.
Full Bust: Hold measuring tape snug against the fullest part of the bust (nipple height) and breathe regularly.
Bottom Cup Depth: Hold measuring tape snug against skin down from the nipple to where the breast reaches the torso (height of the ribcage measurement).
Wash every 2-3 wears using your lingerie bag. 
Fasten hook and eyes together.
Wash using a gentle cold cycle and cleanser (try Soak).
No fabric softener. No dryer. Lay flat to dry.

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