The petites collection was created to celebrate smaller busts and designed with their unique needs in mind, giving you the confidence to feel feminine, sexy, and yourself.

Made with solid satin feel fabrics and minimal foam lining, and narrow but supportive and comfortable strap and band elastics. Available in black, beige, copper, black cherry, peach, pink, ivory, and white.

Color: beige
  • Ribcage: Hold measuring tape snug against the skin just below the bust underneath your breasts and breathe regularly.
  • Bottom Cup Depth: Hold measuring tape snug against skin down from your nipple to your breast root where your wires would normally sit.
  • Wash every 2-3 wears using your lingerie bag.
  • Fasten hook and eyes together.
  • Wash using a gentle cold cycle and cleanser (try our Soak brand!).
  • No fabric softener. No dryer. Lay flat to dry.

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