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A True Bespoke Bra Experience

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About Rubies Bras

Rubies Bras creates custom, bespoke bras designed to fit, flatter, and function for everyday wear. We cater to diverse needs and those whom the traditional market doesn't serve, including asymmetry, ageing, plus size, mastectomy, post-surgical, and transgender communities. 

Our mission is to empower everyone with bras that make them feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful, improving posture and alleviating pain.

And we do so by made-to-measure bras that are designed and hand crafted from scratch right here in our Edmonton and Toronto studios, making our brand the most ethical and sustainable it can be, while empowering and supporting our own economy and the women in it.

About Our Founder, Ruhee

My journey is rooted in Edmonton, where I was born and raised in Mill Woods by two hard working immigrant parents and my grandma.

I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2004 and worked in the corporate and consulting sectors before moving to Toronto.

In 2015, after struggling to find a good bra, I took a class to make my own. It took me 6 months of private lessons to finish because sewing a bra that fit was so hard. But when I did, I cried because I had never felt so seen and beautiful. This sparked the idea for Rubies Bras.

What started as a side hustle has now become a full-time business with studios in Edmonton and Toronto, serving clients globally through virtual fittings.

Quotes by Ruhee

"Wearing a bra should not be torturous. When you have a bra that fits, it's comfortable and it's made for you. When you wear something that fits, flatters, and supports, it helps you with your confidence inside and out." - Ruhee, Founder

“It's important to have a bra that fits because it's a garment that you're wearing for 14-18 hours a day and you shouldn't have to feel that it's the first thing that you want to throw off when you get home.” - Ruhee, Founder

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Why Custom Bras are Worth The Splurge

May 31, 2024 Ruhee (Rubies Bras)

The Sahaara 2

Jun 06, 2023 Ruhee (Rubies Bras)

We are thrilled to be releasing the highly anticipated design updates for our Sahaara Collection! Our original Sahaara Collection was introduced two years ago and was designed for those looking for a relaxed and minimal look without compromising support. We spent a year testing out the design, and then released a pattern for our sewing community last summer in 2022. Turns out there were even more improvements we could make, so we did! Our Sahaara 2 pattern is dropping so soon, and we can't wait to hear what you think.