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Rubies bras - a truly bespoke experience


Our Mission

Wearing a bra should not be torturous. When you have a bra that fits, it's comfortable and it's made for you. When you wear something that fits, flatters, and supports, it helps you with your confidence inside and out. 

Our Founder

Ruhee Rajan

“It's important to have a bra that fits because it's a garment that you're wearing for 14-18 hours a day and you shouldn't have to feel that it's the first thing that you want to throw off when you get home.”

Having been displeased for a long time with the quality and selection of bras in the mainstream and specialty market, she gave up the search and decided to learn how to make her own custom bra from a local sewing studio, immediately noticing the difference, and has never looked back.

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