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Our Process

Your Step By Step Guide

Step 1.

Book A Fitting

Getting a custom bra made starts with a booking virtual fitting or in-person fitting online, which involves a 60-minute private video call or in-person appointment where we discuss your needs and show you how to take the measurements required, or take ourselves in person. All you need is a measuring tape and a good internet connection for virtual fittings.

If you'd rather take measurements yourself without our live assistance, head over to our shop page and get started, or send us a private message and we'll send you a measurement form. Please visit our FAQ page for pricing details.

Book A Fitting
Half body shot of light skinned female with brown medium length hair in a private virtual fitting with Rubies Bras. She is holding a pink measuring tape around her bust looking down.

Step 2.

Get Measured & Fitted

Your fitting begins with gathering intel about your needs and noting any challenges or special requests.

We then walk you through how to take the measurements we'll need. These may include high bust, full bust, rib cage, bottom cup depth (nipple to wireline), cross cup length of each breast, strap length and shoulder width.

A measuring tape is required along with a laptop, iPad, or phone that has a camera and a good internet connection for virtual fittings. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these measurements, just let us know, and we will work around your comfort level, not to worry.

Rubies Bras founder holding up two bras and showing to client during a virtual fitting. She has brown skin with black medium hair wearing black. The bras she is holding are copper lace and ivory lace.

Step 3.

Select your bra style, fabric, and colour

Based on your measurements and your needs, we will show you some bra styles, fabrics and colours we think would work best for you, and together, we will build out what your custom bra will look and feel like.

Styles vary from wired to wirefree, full to medium to light coverage, and special occasion.

Fabrics include solid satin, soft lace, fun prints, and organic cotton to name a few, and colours come in an endless assortment of options that you'll get to see!

Check out our bra options
Half body shot of light skinned female with brown medium length hair. She is sitting down on a white chair with a table beside her that has a laptop and a light blue mug on top. She is pulling out her card to pay for a custom bra with Rubies Bras.

Step 4.

Finalize your bra and process payment

After measurements have been taken, we review your bra design in detail to make sure we've covered everything and you're comfortable, happy and excited just like we are to get started!

Payment is made at the end of the fitting to start the order. All forms of payment are accepted, including cash, cheque, debit, credit, EFT, and Apple Pay. Instalment plans also accepted upon request. Rush orders can be accommodated for a flat fee.

Step 5.

Fit Samples Delivery

Once payment has been processed, we mail you sizing samples based on the measurements we took and the styles you chose.

Once you receive your samples, book your second fitting with us and we'll make sure our measurements are correct and you are happy with the styles you have chosen.

A return label will be sent after this fitting so you can send the samples back to us. If we don't have a sample in your size, we skip this step and begin creating your custom bra.

Rubies Bras sewing staff with dark hair cutting out a bra pattern.

Step 6.

Bra Creation and Delivery

Once the samples are returned back to us, we double check everything once again, and our team of designers and sewists then begin work on your bespoke bra piece.

Unless otherwise stated, it usually takes us around 4 weeks to make your custom bra from the date the samples are returned back to us, plus the ship time it takes to get to you.

Rubies Bras client with light skin and medium length brown hair sitting on a black chair facing a laptop on a white table.

Step 7.

Post Delivery

Just like any custom piece, 1-3 fittings are usually required to finalize the bra to get it just right. Once you receive your bra, take it for a spin, and let us know if any adjustments are needed by booking a third fitting or sending us an email. If any adjustments are required, we'll send you a return label to have the bra sent back to us, make the required alterations, and send the bra back to you.

For in-person fittings, we'll send you a note when your bra is ready for a fitting.

The entire process usually takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on your measurements, the style and fabric you've chosen, where you live and how many additional fittings and adjustments are needed.

Our Promise

We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our bras, offering a 60-day return policy and a LIFETIME WARRANTY, which means we'll make any repairs needed due to wear and tear for the lifetime of the bra. And any cosmetic or fit adjustments can also be taken care for a nominal fee plus shipping. Please see our FAQs page for details.

Regardless of whether you choose virtual or in-person fittings, we strive to make the entire process comfortable and easy for you. Take a look at our reviews and see for yourself.

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