To wire or not to wire

To wire or not to wire. This is a question I get a lot, and the answer is that it is totally up to you and your comfort level. No matter what your bust size, you can make do with or without wires. However, there are some pros, cons, and myths about wires that I hope will help you make an informed decision.

Let's go over the most common misconceptions I hear most often:

All wired bras are uncomfortable 

As long as you're wearing the correct bra and size, wires that sit flat and contour your breast root (where your breast attaches to your body) should feel comfortable. Any red marks, poking, digging, or discomfort likely means your bra isn't the right fit, lacks quality or needs to be replaced. 

Wired bras cause breast cancer

There is no scientific evidence that shows wearing wires pose a risk for cancer. Although, there are other health issues when sleeping in a bra with wires or a bra that's too tight. This may causes irritation, discomfort, restrict blood flow and movement, and be uncomfortable for people with underlying medical conditions such as gastritis and fibromyalgia. 

Only bras with wires have support

The primary function of wires are for shaping, extra lifting, and breast separation. For most bust sizes, including larger busts, wires are not a must have. I've personally made hundreds of wirefree bras that provide comparable support, lift and separation up to a size O. Yes an O! However, if you're going for a certain shape, silhouette, and want that extra lift above your natural breast position, wires will definitely help. 

Wirefree bras are made for smaller busts 

So not true! Up until recently, non-wired bras were considered to be just bralettes suited only for smaller busts. But in the past few years, non-wired bras have made a big comeback and are offered in various sizes with varying levels of structure, materials and support. See for yourself in some of my recent non-wired collections, like the minimal solids, minimal sheer, and plunge line

The wirefree selection is limited to bralettes or sports bras, and squish my boobs together to form a uni-boob

This used to be true, but I can assure you this is not the case now. Most bra stores and custom bra makers now carry a wide range of wireless bras that are not flimsy bralettes or overly harnessed sports bras. Take a look at the maximum solids bra that does not have a wire and separates the breasts while offering support and lift. 

Personally, I am a fan of wirefree bras. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you! 

Wirefree bras are:

  • more comfortable;
  • last longer because there are no wires that pop out or break;
  • have a more natural shape and feel to them; and
  • allow for more movement, freedom and changes in cup size.

I didn't believe in non-wired bras at first, and then ended up having a lumpectomy (don't worry, I am cancer free so far!). After the surgery, I had to wear wirefree bras for 6 months and after that, I stuck with them and have never looked back.

I am over being harnessed in, so much so that I forget I'm even wearing a bra when I go to bed! I like the natural feeling that a wirefree bra gives me, enhancing my breast shape rather than changing it with a wire. The only time I wear wired bras is if I have an outfit that requires a certain silhouette, which is not that often. 

There are some articles that even say that wearing no wires actually causes less sagging because there is more muscle and tissue strengthening going on from all the movement and breathability. I haven't found any scientific evidence on this, and some argue quite the opposite, in that wires are what prevent sagging. Either way, gravity will eventually win, so I'd rather be comfortable and cozy and let nature take its course on my boobs :)

No matter which way you choose, the most important thing to remember is quality and craftsmanship ensure the best comfort, shape, and breast health. All the pieces that make up a bra need to work together to provide you with the best fit, shape and support. If your bra doesn't fit, then it doesn't matter if you go with wires or no wires, because the bra won't fit as it should, and you lose the benefits that the physics of the bra is intended for. Quality also matters. You can purchase the most expensive designer bra, but that doesn't mean the price matches the quality and fit. 

I hope this helps! As always, I would love to know any thoughts, comments, or questions you may have, so feel free to leave them below!

- Ruhee, Founder



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